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AppleMagazine – February 16, 2018-P2P

A new concept of light, intelligent, innovative reading at your fingertips. Read the most relevant news of the week about the world of technology and its influence on our lives.
New products, Apps, acquisitions in the industry, highlights about the digital world and everything about your favorite iGadgets and upgrades. Everything you need to keep well informed.
A global view of Apple and its influence on our lives.

AppleMagazine – February 16, 2018-P2P
English | 210 pages | True PDF | 72.5 MB

Ultra HD 3840×2160 Wallpaper Pack 253-P2P

P2P group has released the Ultra HD 3840×2160 Wallpaper Pack 253. Enjoy! :)

Ultra HD 3840×2160 Wallpaper Pack 253-P2P
25 JPG | 3840×2160 | 107.7 MB

Most Wanted Nature Widescreen Wallpapers #436-P2P

P2P group has released the Most Wanted Nature Widescreen Wallpapers #436. Enjoy! :)

Most Wanted Nature Widescreen Wallpapers #436-P2P
65 JPG | 1920×1200-3840×2160 | 106.1 MB

Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels by Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman-P2P

The devil goes by many names, and his tribe is legion. Throughout human history, we have been obsessed with the dark opposites of God and angels, light, and mercy. Whether it is our religious and sacred texts, folklore and myths of old, legends, fairy tales, novels, or the movies and television shows of today, the dark entities enthrall us, terrify us, and remind us of the dualities of life. But where did they originate? Are they real? Does every religion or region of the world include them?

Exploring over two dozen religious traditions, myths, folkloric and spiritual traditions, the world of the supernatural, and the demons, the Devil, and fallen angels in today’s pop culture, Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels is a comprehensive resource of the many faces of the devil, his minions, ominous deities, and the darker side of nature and ourselves. From ancient demon worship to modern Satanism, the bloody era of the Inquisitions and later witch burnings to the Satanic Panic of the late-twentieth century, and secret occult societies to Hitler’s involvement with demonology, this book covers it all. Readers will learn about the key figures in history associated with demons and the Devil, the worshiping of the dark forces, and the lives of Aleister Crowle, John Dee, and Anton LaVey, as well as well-known figures who were alleged Satanists, some of whom may surprise you! Also featured are dozens of examples of links between demons/fallen angels and aliens, cryptids, apparitions and poltergeists, and IDEs (interdimensional entities). Were the demons of the Bible possibly ancient alien visitors? Are alien abductions and poltergeists really demons in disguise? Is Slender Man a modern day demonic entity … or totally fake?

This fascinating look at Satan, evil spirits, and their 10,000-year history has 120 photographs, drawings, and illustrations to bring the portraits of over 200 demons and fallen angels to shivering life. Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels also includes a helpful bibliography and an extensive index, adding to its usefulness. It is a comprehensive, clear, and objective look at a subject that fills most people with fear and dread. Yet the presence of dark angels continues to remain a part of our human experience, our popular culture, and our spiritual understandings. Come and explore the shadowy side of existence and its integral part of our nature.

Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels by Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman-P2P
English | September 1st, 2017 | ASIN: B06XD9Y7LH, ISBN: 1578596130 | 409 pages | PDF/EPUB | 45.4 MB/64.6 MB

Aven Colony The Expedition Update v1.0.25191-CODEX

CODEX has released the newest build of a PC game “Aven Colony The Expedition”. Enjoy! :)

Read patchnotes.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Mothership Entertainment LLC
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd

Release Name: Aven.Colony.The.Expedition.Update.v1.0.25191-CODEX
Size: 3.4 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Tales from Candlekeep Qawasha the Human Druid-PLAZA

PLAZA has released a PC game “Tales from Candlekeep Qawasha the Human Druid”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Qawasha is a member of the Emerald Enclave base in Fort Beluarian. The druid travels with a vegepymgy companion named Kupalué, a Chultan word that means “walking weed”. Qawasha often refers to his companion simply as Weed. They communicate with each other using their own unique sign language.

Ape Wild Shape: Qawasha assumes the form of a savage ape. This wild shape gives Qawasha the stats of an ape and the ability to attack with both fists at once. If Qawasha’s hit points reach 0 in this form, he reverts back to his human form.

Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Developer: BKOM Studios
Publisher: BKOM Studios

Release Name: Tales.from.Candlekeep.Qawasha.the.Human.Druid-PLAZA
Size: 1.3 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Shadow Warrior 2 Bounty Hunt DLC Part 2 Update v1.1.14.0-CODEX

CODEX has released the newest build of a PC game “Shadow Warrior 2 Bounty Hunt”. Enjoy! :)

Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Violent, Gore, Action, Adventure
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Publisher: Flying Wild Hog

Release Name: Shadow.Warrior.2.Bounty.Hunt.DLC.Part.2.Update.v1.1.14.0-CODEX
Size: 56.0 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


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